Error handling

Our API returns errors with an HTTP status code following REST protocols and a body as below.

	"message": "message error comes here",
	"code": "error.code",
	"request-id": "624384bfacf9b0580e503b4f"
messageDescriptive error message
codeError code related to the exception that occurred. Error codes in the table below.
request-idUnique UUID which identifies your request

Error codes

Error codeError message
integrator.not_foundIntegrator not found
integrator.conflictThere is already an integrator for this email
beneficiary.conflictBeneficiary already exists
beneficiary.not_foundBeneficiary not found
beneficiary.not_for_integratorBeneficiary does not belong to integrator
currency.not_foundCurrency not found
auth.invalid_credentialsInvalid credentials
payment_contact.not_foundPayment Contact not found
payment.not_foundPayment not found
transfer.not_foundTransfer not found
transfer.invalid_transferInvalid transfer
upload.error-has-occurredError has occurred while file upload
web.invalid_or_missing_bodyRequest body is required
web.not_acceptableInvalid format
web.unsupported_media_typeUnsupported media type
web.method_not_allowedHttp method is invalid '{0}'
web.missing_parameterParameters are required '{0}'
web.missing_partInvalid parameters '{0}'
web.no_handlerInvalid URL
web.missing_headerHeader is not present '{0}'
web.missing_cookieCookies is not present '{0}'
web.missing_matrix_variableError has occurred
client_error.error_occurredAn unexpected error occurred{0}
unknown_errorSomething went wrong