Retrieving payment Instructions

Retrieve instructions for beneficiary to receive US wires from US bank accounts in their Caliza wallet

Retrieve payment instructions (View API reference)

In order to receive a payment from a US bank account, the beneficiary will have to provide the wire sender with payment instructions to ensure that the funds are appropriately routed. The GET /v1/payments/beneficiaries/{beneficiaryId}/instructions endpoint will return the necessary instructions.

You should provide these payment instructions to your beneficiary whenever they'd like to receive a payment from a US bank account. They are stable and should not change unexpectedly.

curl --request GET \
     --url{beneficiaryId}/instructions \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer {{YOUR_TOKEN}}' \
    "accountNumber": "93506559",
    "routingNumber": "021000021",
    "receiverName": "Caliza Beneficiary",
    "receiverBankName": "Bank of Trees",
    "swiftCode": "USBA435",
    "receiverAddress": {
        "street1": "123 Avenida Z",
        "street2": "111",
        "city": "Rio de Janeiro",
        "state": "RJ",
        "country": "Brazil",
        "zipcode": "11111"
    "receiverBankAddress": {
        "street1": "789 Blue Avenue",
        "street2": "",
        "postalCode": "55812",
        "city": "Las Vegas",
        "state": "NV",
        "country": "US"