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👀 Key concepts at a glance

The most important concepts on our platform are integrator (that's you!), beneficiary (that's your end user!), transfer, and payment.

📚 Key concepts in detail

Integrator Integrator is you, i.e., the company that has a direct relationship with Caliza.

An integrator manages beneficiaries and launches transfers and payments on behalf of beneficiaries via our API.

On our platform, each integrator has a unique integratorId.
Beneficiary Beneficiaries are your users, and the ultimate owners of the funds on the platform.

Our API allows an integrator to facilitate a transfer or payment initiated by a beneficiary.

On our platform, each beneficiary has a unique beneficiaryId.
individual for individuals

business for businesses
Transfer Transfer is a movement of funds from local currency in a beneficiary's home country bank account to digital dollars in the same beneficiary's Caliza wallet, or vice versa.

For example, a beneficiary moving local currency from a bank account in their home country to digital dollars in a Caliza wallet is a transfer of type on_ramp.

On our platform, each transfer has a unique Id.
on_ramp to move from local currency to USD

off_ramp to move from USD to local currency
Payment Payment is a movement of funds outside of Caliza's platform, including to third parties.

For example, a beneficiary moving funds out of their Caliza wallet via US wire is a payment of type wire.

On our platform, each payment has a unique Id.
wire for wire transfers within the US
Payment Contact Payment Contact is an external USD bank account that will be involved in an external payment operation - to which funds will be sent, or from which funds will be received.wire for wire transfers within the US
SimulationSimulation is the first step in any transfer or payment.

The simulation returns the total fees to be charged as well as the amount of funds to be delivered at current exchange rates.

You'll need to create a simulation before executing a transfer or payment.
Currency In our platform, currency can be fiat like BRL (Brazilian Real) or crypto like USDC or other digital assets.

For now, you will only be able to move between your home country currency and digital dollars on our platform.
fiat for fiat currencies

crypto for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like stablecoins

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