Creating payment contact

Create a contact to send or receive payments to or from


A payment contact is required in order to complete a payment to or from a Caliza wallet.

Payment contacts are created in the scope of a beneficiary.

For payments out, a payment contact ID is required in the request body when executing the payment.

For payments in, a corresponding payment contact must be created before a payment can be received from another bank account.


If there is no payment contact for an incoming payment, the payment will be rejected.

Creating payment contact (View API reference)

Call POST /v1/payment-contacts to create a payment contact

    "integratorId": "64bea4abf8aaac3956c07844",
    "beneficiaryId": "64c96cddf8aaac3956c07848",
    "bankInfo": {
        "name": "Mariana Bank",
        "street1": "555 Pacific Street",
        "postalCode": "58493",
        "city": "San Francisco",
        "state": "CA",
        "country": "USA"
    "paymentType": "WIRE",
    "userInfo": {
        "name": "Lilo Sonos",
        "street1": "345 Avenue P",
        "postalCode": "48953",
        "city": "New York",
        "state": "NY",
        "country": "USA",
        "routingKey": "021000021",
        "accountNumber": "5837290391",
        "accountType": "CHECKING",
        "type": "NATURAL_PERSON"